Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Is she already a teenager??

Last night Marin (age 5) and I were rolling a basketball around on the floor. She reached over and picked up her toy cell phone and said she was calling me. I opened my cell and pretended to take her call.

Marin was telling about her day when, in mid sentence, she said "Daddy, hold on I have another call." Then she starts yapping away with an imaginary caller and looks at me and says "Daddy, I'm not talking to you now. Someone else." As if to tell me to give her some privacy. Dear God. She's only 5. It gets worse.

To whomever she is speaking, she says "I broke up with him today." (What!!!!! she doesn't even know what that means) Then she says "But it will be OK because we only had one kids." (double heart attack)

I said, "Marin, I think it's time to put the phone down and play ball with Daddy." She smiled and said "OK, Daddy. Let's play some more." (Pheww, she really is still 5)

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