Thursday, January 15, 2009

diversionary tactics

I took Emmy to the quick care for an ear infection.

In one of the exam rooms, a teenage girls was vomiting her guts out. I mean this loud reverberating, throw your entire alimantary canal on the floor type vomit. Emmy, being curious, wanted to see it. Of course I told her "no" and explained why.

Emmy relaxes, gets pre-occupied with something else, and then says "Daddy, what that sign say way over there? I can't see it." I scan the room and see this little sign way across the room, probably a no smoking sign or something, so I say that. "No, it not's that Daddy, no red cross" (geez, they learn about america fast!) So I step a little closer to the sign to see what it really says.

WHen I did that, Emmy made a beeline for the door to the room where the other patient was puking. I caught her just as she was about to turn the knob. She looked up at me with her 'gotcha grin' and said "Daddy I almost tricked you. I was really close."

One mother, watching all this asked "And how old is she?" "Just turned 4." "Dear God, you are going to have your hands full."

Man, don't I know it.

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phillycabbage said...

WOW! She's good! You are definitely going to have your hands full with this one! She's got skills that some adults don't have. Good Luck!