Thursday, January 22, 2009

I love Chuck

Two facts you need to know for this story to be cute..........

1. My parents nicknamed me Chuck when I was an infant. Some family members still call me that.

2. Marin knows this kids song called "I Love Mud"

So this morning, Marin was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying the breakfast I just made her and I was nearby packing her lunch box. Suddenly she breaks into this song.....

Chuck, Chuck, I love Chuck
I'm absolutely positively wild about Chuck
He makes me good breakfast, then he packs my lunch box
Absolutely positively super duper Chuck!

Then she looked over at me and grinned and started giggling, then asked me if I liked it.

She is such a cool kid.

1 comment:

phillycabbage said...

I think we're probably going to see either Marin or Emmy on American Idol someday!