Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today I took Marin out of school at about 11AM to come home and watch the inauguration with me on the TV and have lunch. Marin was very excited about this because she was the only student in her class doing so.

Marin was very attentive as all the dignitaries filed in and she named the ones she knew like George and Laura, Bill and Hillary, and Joe Biden. She was really excited when Obama's two daughters walked in with their Grammy.

When Obama was finally shown walking through Congress on the way to the podium Marin leaped out of her chair and exclaimed "It's him! It's Barak Obama. He so handsome. I love him. He has brown skin like me but he's not from Ethiopia. I want to marry him!"

Then we watched the whole event. Toward the end Marin said "Daddy, did you know they get to do a sleepover in the White House tonight?"

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