Sunday, February 11, 2007

Adoption Trip Day 9 Say Feb 10

Our girls were a dream come true on the airplace. We purchased a block of three seats together for them, raised the armrests, laid the girls head to toe, and they slept almost the entire flight. We are so proud of them.

Landing in Dulles, we zipped through immigration without a hitch. Almost home free.

One funny thing occurred while I was waiting in line to get boarding passes. Colleen was sitting with the girls on a bench near a window. Meron put her hand on the glass, then looked at her hand in disbelief. Put her hand on the window again, then put her hand to her face. Then she started talking to Emnet in Amharic as if to say "You aren't going to believe this!!" We don't believe Meron had ever felt anything freezing before.

While waiting for our transfer to Boston, I bought the girls lunch at Wendy's. I bought like a sampler pack of everything because I did not know what they would eat. Wouldn't you know it, chicken nuggets and fries were the hit. They basically ignored everything else.

Finally, after landing in Boston and loading the kids into the van, we got our first meltdown. The kids had never seen a carseat before and they were scared to death of being strapped in by these total strangers in a freezing cold place. They basically cried themselves to sleep. I can't imagine the frightening thoughts going through their heads.

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