Monday, February 19, 2007

Sunday Feb stuff day

We used this weekend to try out some new stuff with the girls.

Seeking ways to entertain them, we decided to show the video we took while in Ethiopia. Not a good idea. Meron got this really serious look on her face, then started pulling at her hair. Then she got a little angry and started to cry a little. We turned the camera off and found something else to do.

The girls refuse to go outside, so we are looking for ways to introduce them to cold. We gave them each a freeze pop. The girls were so cute. They were very interested in the sweetness of the pop, but could not understand why it hurt their hands. They held it in their right, then passed it to their left while they shook their right hand to warm it up, then vice versa. Then finally they went to their clothes box and pulled out some gloves. Then finished the pops.

Later, our neice Maura filled a large saucepan with snow and brought it inside for the girls to play with. They girls immediately got into a snowball fight in our kitchen.

In the afternoon, we invited some Ethiopian neighbors to visit. They spoke Amharic to Meron, which kind of freaked her out. Then they asked Meron if they could braid her hair. If you could have seen the look of relief on Meron's face. It was like "Thank God somebody with some style sense is here to rescue me from a life sentence of bad hair days." You would imagine somebody who lived the life if deprivation that Meron has lived would be just a little less fashion conscious and maybe a little more pragmatic. I swear its genetic with women.

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