Sunday, February 11, 2007

Adoption Trip Day One

Our first taste of Ethiopia comes in the departure lounge of Ethiopian Airlines at Dulles airport. There are many women in shawls and veils, many young children, and one particularly beautiful young girl with beads in her lovely braided hair. Several Ethiopians thank us and give us their blessing for saving two of their children and keeping sisters together (that's actually what they say).

On the airplane now, over the cold dark Atlantic, I find myself totally staring at all the Ethiopian women and wondering which ones my girls will grow up to look like. It is fun to play this imagination game.

After 30 hours of travel, we arrive in Addis and collect 3 of our 6 checked bags.

Mulat and Eskedar met us at Bole and drove us to Horizon House. Sinadu had heaping plates of chicken and pasta waiting for us. There are dozens of photos of previously adopted children on the walls. We recognize some of them like Dawit, Samuel, Bill and Michelle, and the Mannion twins. Note to future travellers. Have the latest info on previously adopted children living in your area because the staff adore hearing about the kids they once cared for.

There are huge portraits of Brad, Angelina, and Zahara on the wall. This is the first we knew that Angelina used HH to adopt. Lo and behold, Colleen and I have booked the Brangelina suite. Sweet!! Huge room. Sliders to the balcony overlooking the entrance yard. Huge master bath with huge tub.

Sleep well. Tomorrow we meet our daughters.

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