Sunday, February 11, 2007

First Day in America

The girls woke us up at 1AM, which is about 9AM in Addis. They were probably wondering why we're sleeping in.

We fed the girls breakfast, and they ate for 4 solid hours, nonstop. Eggs, toast, bananas, rice, oatmeal, water, apple juice, apple sauce, tea. You name it, even a chinese fortune cookie. It was ridiculous!! Finally, a little after 5AM, we put them back to bed.

They awoke at 9AM and ate again.

We learned today how well Meron is trained. As soon as we finished eating, she brought all the plates over to the sink, pulled a chair over to the sink, and began to wash and dry the dishes. Could not believe my eyes. She even demonstrated water conservation by dipping the silverware into a cup of water, rather than permit the water to run. As you probably know, water is quite scarce and valuable where she comes from.

Then I was washing potatoes and carrots for a stew, and Meron jumped right in up to her elbows to help. She is awesome. Meron folded clothes for Colleen and she swept the floor.

We also learned what a fashionista Meron is. She discovered her closet, and changed her outfit about 5 times today, each time giving her little a sister a 'look what I have that you don't have' kind of face. I can't believe she behaves that way coming from where she comes from. It must be a genetic marker in women. Emnet was like "What do I care. My belly is full and I'm sitting in Mom's lap".

I went out to do some shopping, and when I returned, Meron was in my face demanding "Oncala!! Oncala!! (eggs). So I told her "Ow, Oncala" (yes, eggs). She smiled sweetly and said "Thank you Daddy". I about dropped my teeth, then I heard Colleen giggling in the next room. Apparently, she taught Meron to say that while I was out of the house shopping.

Meron and Emnet are both potty trained. Meron even goes by herself and we don't know she's in there until we hear the flush.

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