Friday, February 16, 2007

Meron Tests the Limits

Today Meron decided to see how many different buttons she could push - some in an innocently fun way and others in an evil way.

First the fun. Meron took all the elastics out of her hair. Her hair goes crazy when she does that. She looks like a black Einstein - or like Don King the boxing guy. Anyway, she's sitting their rubbing vitamin E and conditioner into her hair when she suddenly hands her hairpick to Colleen's Dad.

David looked at Colleen like somebody had just handed him a live grenade. Colleen told him to get busy. So for the next 15 minutes or so David picked away at Meron's hair while Meron sat luxuriating in being groomed by an older man. It was adorable.

Then it was lunch time. The girls refused all the stuff they normally eat. They say this word "Enubio" - and they say it really snotty with an attitude. Loosely translated means "I refuse to do it". So we tried new foodstuff. Come to find out, they will eat tater tots, pizza, and ice cream. Are you sure they have never been to America?

Later, the girls had bowls of popcorn with a few cheezits on the bottom. Emnet does not like cheezits, so she passed a few to Grampa. Grampa made a big fuss about thanking her and how much he appreciated the Cheezits. Meron observed this, and it occurred to her that she had just been one upped by her sister. So Meron springs off her chair and into Grampas lap. Then she proceeded to fish every cheezit out of her bowl and hand fed them to Grampa.

In the afternoon, Meron wanted to use Colleens cell and was being too rough with it, so Colleen took it away from her. Meron went into a rage, tore off all her clothes, and started running around the house like a crazy lady. Colleen very calmly acknowledged Merons behavior and then ignored her. So Meron upped the ante by squatting putting just a little spot of urine in the middle of the kitchen floor. Then Meron stood up, all proud, pointed out her puddle to Emnet, and started encouraging Emnet in Amharic to do the same.

I mean, geez, where do they learn this stuff? Colleen put Meron in the naughty corner for an ice age or two.

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